June 10, 2023

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So was there a hijacking of a Ukrainian plane in Kabul? Or not hijacking …

Yesterday, the media reported, referring to the Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Yevgeny Yenin, about the hijacking of a Ukrainian plane from the Kabul airport by unknown persons. At the same time, quoting the words of an official on the air of Public Radio:

“Last Sunday, our plane was seized by unknown people. On Tuesday, our plane was actually stolen, it flew to Iran with an unknown group of passengers on board instead of taking out the Ukrainians. “

Yenin said in detail that the following attempts to evacuate their citizens were also unsuccessful, since the Ukrainians who wanted to leave Afghanistan did not manage to get to the airport.

Soon, however, Oleg Nikolenko, the speaker of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, denied the hijacking of the Ukrainian plane, Interfax reports. In the same detail as the previous speaker, the speaker said that all the aircraft intended for the evacuation of people from Afghanistan returned safely to Ukraine. In total, according to him, 3 flights were organized, which took out 256 passengers.

And what was that? April Fool’s joke? So like August outside the window. And the reason for jokes is not entirely suitable. Or is the speaker not quite aware of the current events, but still decided to “get promoted”?

Meanwhile, sources in aviation circles told the publication “Strana.ua”, whose website was recently lockedthat there was no hijacking in reality – Afghan moneybags with their families went to Iran, having paid “a tidy sum past the official cash register”. Wealthy Shia Hazaras paid lavishly for the flight to Iran in gold, currency and precious stones.

The information is not officially confirmed by the competent Ukrainian authorities, and the journalists did not provide convincing evidence. So this information can be considered as one of the possible versions.

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