Pretended to be a deliveryman of orders of a well-known company and steal money

A 31-year-old man was robbed of the food delivery service and was eventually arrested by the police.

A total of 19 distributors in various parts of Attica were robbed by an arrested man. The incidents took place in Attica. A special feature of his actions is that he installed a transport box on the back of the motorcycle to make it look like a vehicle used by distributors of a well-known company (e-food).

Then he approached his potential victims at the entrance to the apartment building, where they were going to receive their order, posing as a food delivery person (in other cases, posing as a tenant of the apartment), gaining trust, and getting in touch with them.

Further, politely giving an advantage in using the elevator, the fraudster said that he was “ready to wait” and would come to the floor for them. The culprit’s ultimate goal was to take the cost of the order and “wash away” with the money.

He was waiting at the door of the elevator, and as soon as the victim returned with money, he threatened with a knife, took a certain amount, and then retreated.

The man made sure that his facial features were covered – he used either disposable surgical masks or a motorcycle helmet.

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