Expert: We can end up with vaccinated people infecting the unvaccinated

Professor of epidemiology Ioannis Ioannidis has a very pessimistic view of the incessant waves of epidemics following one after another. The expert emphasized the tendency of complacency shown (and cultivated in every possible way) by vaccinated people who neglect protective measures.

“We can end up with vaccinated people infecting the unvaccinated, and some of them will probably die. The vaccine protects you by 50% from infection, and you will carry the disease many times easier than without vaccination. We can reach the point where the vaccinated will spread the pandemic, and the unvaccinated will “pay dearly” for this, ”the expert said.

“We may have more than 20,000 dead”
The professor’s assessment of the situation regarding the development of the epidemic in Greece looks ominous, since the active wave of the epidemic will not end soon, and by the spring of next year, according to him, the death rate will exceed 20,000:

“There is also the dynamics of the epidemic wave. We can prevent this if we take it seriously, with understanding, social tolerance and adherence to measures to prevent another lockdown, which will turn into disaster (if it has to be reintroduced). We need soft and targeted measures that will not disrupt the rhythm of social life. Let’s continue to live logically until the wave of the epidemic is tamed. “

Vaccines, third dose – required?
“1/3 of Greeks are infected with the coronavirus. 55% are vaccinated. Most of them have good immunity to disease. But, unfortunately, not all. Our immunocompromised fellow citizens do not receive adequate protection from the vaccine, ”says Mr Ioannidis, who is wary of the third dose and agrees with WHO’s views on this issue.

“The third dose of vaccination is a question that had to be answered through rigorous and controlled research. Currently, a very large proportion of vulnerable people around the world are not vaccinated in poor countries. The pandemic will be fueled by these populations if we do not control it globally. Thus, vaccination of the vulnerable part of the population around the world is a priority, and not based on a third dose, ”the specialist emphasized.

With regard to vaccination in our country, the professor notes that the elderly and vulnerable groups are not at the level at which they should be: “If we had better coverage of the elderly and vulnerable, the daily number of deaths would be much lower. Greece is at the peak of mortality. We have opportunities to improve our work (vaccination advocacy). ”

Regarding the mandatory vaccination, Mr. Ioannidis objects, and he is also against the suspension of work. But he underlines the critical importance of vaccinating not only those who work in the health sector, but also vulnerable groups: “It is the right step to vaccinate those who work in the health sector. However, these people have arguments. It is wrong to exclude them from the health care system. we will lose 20-30%, we will find ourselves in an even more difficult situation ”.

“A vaccine is not a panacea”
The distinguished professor explains in simple terms why the vaccine is not a panacea, since it has limited effectiveness in the transmission of coronavirus. But a remedy that, when combined with others, can provide good personal protection.

When asked about the vaccination of minors, his position was as follows: “The risk of contracting coronavirus for children is extremely low. Whether or not to be vaccinated is a personal decision of the parents. “

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