On the verge of death: a man choked on souvlaki

A delicious lunch nearly ended tragically for a 74-year-old man in Amaliad.

An elderly man choked on souvlaki, a traditional Greek treat, grilled meat wrapped in a flatbread. Choking, the man could neither inhale nor exhale. Others came in time to help him, gave him a drink of water. However, he lost consciousness.

Luckily for him, his son was there, and the old man was rushed to Amaliada’s hospital. Despite the fact that he did not breathe upon arrival, the doctor Vangelis Dimitropoulos managed to bring him back to life. According to ilia.news, the man was taken to Pyrgos hospital for further treatment.

As “Russian Athens” wrote earlier, similar incidents occur in Greece several times a year. A little more than a year ago, a tourist, choking on souvlaki, who was resting in Mykonos, was also barely pumped out. The girl was rescued at the last minute, thanks to the quickness of the tavern worker. The company stopped by for a bite to eat at one of the famous catering establishments in Mykonos and ordered souvlaki. Young people began to devour the dishes brought to them, when one of the girls, in the process of using souvlaki, choked. The tourist panicked and began to choke. At this time, a diner worker arrived and literally saved her life.

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