European unity is “bursting at the seams” amid the threat of a flow of refugees

Refugees from Afghanistan are a headache for both the United States and Europe today. Opinions differ, and so far it has not been possible to come to an effective unified solution. European unity was under threat.

David Sassoli, Speaker of the European Parliament, publicly criticized Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janshi, who categorically does not want to place Afghan refugees in the EU. Slovenia, by the way, now heads the Council of the European Union. The speaker posted his statement on the website of the European Parliament.

Yansha said yesterday that the European Union will not provide a humanitarian corridor for the evacuation of Afghan citizens, urging them to fight for their homeland. At the same time, he noted that it is unacceptable to repeat the obvious mistakes of 2015, when the reception of Syrian migrants took place without restrictions.

In response, David Sassoli, who advocates granting refugee status in the European Union to the maximum number of pro-Western Afghans, noted that Slovenia does not have the right to single-handedly adopt an EU action plan in the situation with Afghan refugees. He said that the Prime Minister of Slovenia needs to show solidarity with the people affected by the Taliban, stressing that all EU institutions are now working on the problem of Afghan refugees.

Earlier, Austria joined the states strongly opposing the deployment of Afghan refugees on their territory. Sebastian Kurz told Puls 24 that 40,000 Afghans already live in the country, so it cannot accept more refugees. The Austrian Chancellor believes, like some other leaders of European countries, that it is much better to help Afghans on their territory, especially women.

Previously, Russian President Vladimir Putin, at a meeting with representatives of the United Russia party, statedthat the situation in Afghanistan threatens the security of Russia, and he does not want fighters disguised as refugees to appear in Russia.

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