Recent Discussions on New Measures Introduced in Greece

In anticipation of the introduction of new measures on the coronavirus, one thing can be said with certainty – the mask will soon again become a must-have accessory, not only indoors, but also outdoors. In connection with the increase in patients with coronavirus in intensive care units, around Tuesday, the authorities intend to announce new measures to combat the spread of Covid-19, which will take effect in September.

The introduction of new measures is also due to the return of people from vacations. Many of them can carry the Delta strain without even knowing it. Already now, the number of new cases constantly exceeds 3000, and the number of intubated – 300. Experts are in a hurry, warning that even in mid-September with the introduction of restrictions may be late.

The return of the mask on the street is considered almost a settled issue, while for everyone – both unvaccinated and vaccinated. What else are the authorities planning to do in the fall?

The closed premises of restaurants, bars, cafes, theaters and cinemas will remain accessible only to the vaccinated. The entrance to the stadiums will also be open only to the vaccinated. There are thoughts about nightclubs – it will be possible to visit them with a positive laboratory test result. The only thing that can be said for sure is that there will be no restrictions in supermarkets, bakeries and pharmacies, but social distance and masks are necessary there.

School teachers and university professors who do not have a certificate of vaccination or recovery from Covid-19 will do a laboratory test (PCR or Rapid) twice a week, under the responsibility and at the expense of the employee. Students can be vaccinated or provide self-test results (tests are free).

According to government sources, the measures will be strict for the unvaccinated. Since going out to entertainment venues is not a necessity, like a job or a purchase, but a choice. Consequently, since the unvaccinated refuse to protect themselves from the coronavirus with the widespread availability of vaccines, measures are being taken to protect the vaccinated citizens, for their gradual return to normal life.

According to official information, in the second half of August there is an increase in the number of appointments for vaccinations compared to the period preceding the holiday. In just 4 days this week, 53,000 new meetings are planned, 2 times more than in the days before the feast of the Assumption of the Most Holy Theotokos. By last Friday, more than 5.89 million people in Greece received at least the first dose, and the number of fully vaccinated people reached 5.6 million.

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