Do not rely on plastic screens – they do not protect against Covid-19

The German magazine Focus reports on the results of the latest research by scientists on plastic screens installed to protect against the spread of the coronavirus.

It turns out as claims edition, referring to authoritative experts, plastic screens not only do not protect against covid, but also contribute to its spread:

Whether in cafes, supermarkets or offices: after the coronavirus pandemic began, protective screens made of plastic and plexiglass can be found everywhere. This simple measure should stop the spread of coronavirus particles. But the researchers found that these screens are not only useless – they sometimes make things worse.

The publication talks about the results of the work of scientists from Johns Hopkins University. They concluded that protective screens are only useful in a few cases. The researchers say that in places where such structures are located, there is an accumulation of viral particles and the risk of infection increases, the newspaper writes:

The researchers point to “dead zones”: these are places where there is no air circulation at all, and where aerosols can accumulate. Typically, in well-ventilated areas, aerosols are replaced with fresh air after 15-30 minutes. But plastic barriers can interfere with circulation and create these dead spots. As a result, viral particles stay indoors longer and the risk of infection increases. That is, the cashier at the supermarket checkout can quickly infect his colleague sitting next to him.

The journal reports that researchers from various institutions in the US state of Massachusetts have come to a similar conclusion:

In one of the studies, scientists studied the indicators of coronavirus in the buildings of local schools and proved, through experiments, that plexiglass screens slow down air circulation. Other research suggests that safety screens can give a false sense of security, making people less careful.

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