Why is it dangerous to feed stray dogs?

Vladimir Golubev, President of the Russian Cynological Federation, explains why stray street dogs should not be fed.

Pity for animals in this case can lead to tragedy, says the expert:

“If dogs get used to being fed in a given territory, they will consider it their own and may attack if they notice a stranger.”

Thus, harmless food in a bowl can lead to the overgrowth of a flock of dogs, their aggression and, ultimately, an attack, writes RIA Novosti. For the same reason, you cannot arrange any warm dwellings for them in winter, which ultimately leads to tragedy. However, there is a more humane way, if you want to help the poor fellows – report to the appropriate services. The dog handler claims that they are obliged to respond and promptly eliminate the problem, that is, take homeless animals to the shelter.

It is there, insists Golubev, the place of ownerless dogs. Those who wish can transfer money for their maintenance or take their favorite dog home, making them a member of their family and surrounding them with care. Another option is to offer assistance with cleaning the enclosures or feeding the animals at the shelter.

Recall that today the world celebrates the International Day for the Protection of Homeless Animals. This date appeared at the initiative of the International Society for Animal Rights not so long ago – in 1992. This day is not a holiday, but an occasion to address the problem of homeless animals, to take part in their tragic fate.

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