The victim was kept in captivity for almost six months

A 20-year-old girl became a prisoner of a 27-year-old boy, as reported by Greek law enforcement agencies.

As the freed captive said, at first she thought that the man she met just “wants to have an affair with her.” They quickly settled together, but then everything began to change.

As the girl stated in her testimony, the man changed his behavior and began to behave aggressively. A terrible revelation was the realization that the guy, apparently, wants to force her into prostitution. In this connection, he began to lock her in the apartment.

His goal, according to the victim, was to make money on her. And all this despite the fact that the alleged offender knew that the girl had an 18-month-old child who needed her as a mother. As soon as the girl realized who she was dealing with, she began to try to leave the house, which had become a “prison”, but to no avail.

The most tragic element of the victim’s testimony is that her partner beat her at the end of March last year, resulting in a miscarriage and the loss of her child to whom she was pregnant.

As far as the case file is concerned, the man was detained thanks to an investigation launched by the officers of the Prosecutor’s Office for Combating Organized Crime in Thessaloniki (Department for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, Τμήμα Trafficking), who received information about his illegal actions.

Patras security personnel arrived at the perpetrator’s house and the couple were brought to the Office. There, the police tried to calm down the frightened victim, who began to tell the police about the nightmarish moments she had experienced. In the presence of a psychologist, the girl testified that from March 2021 until yesterday, August 18, the guy forcibly held her in a rented apartment. There he tortured her, beat her and threatened her to post the filmed video of an intimate nature on the Internet.

According to the complaint, in this way he exerted psychological pressure on her and blackmailed her, with the aim of having sex with strangers for a fee. As the girl said in her testimony, she was always locked in the apartment, she did not communicate with the outside world, and when she called her acquaintances, the man was always present so that she did not “say too much.”

The offender allowed the girl to call her family so that they would not worry and would not start looking for the missing daughter. According to sources in the police, in this way he put them to sleep.

The most tragic moment the victim told the police about happened at the end of March, when, according to her testimony, she lost her child, with whom she was pregnant, after being hit by a criminal. She also stated that he tried to rape her, but this did not happen due to her reaction and disgust.

The suspect in the crime was arrested Wednesday afternoon by police in Patras, with the assistance of the anti-trafficking department. A case was brought against him on charges of attempted rape, human trafficking, illegal detention, bodily harm and intimidation.

The detainee, against whom the case is initiated, will be brought before the prosecutor of the first instance court of Patras. Today the girl returned home and is with her 18-month-old child. She is supported by a psychologist.

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