Greece: the introduction of compulsory vaccination is paying off

Domna Mihailidou, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, spoke on ERT about the success of the mandatory vaccination action.

Ms Mihailidou notes that after the start of compulsory vaccination it became clear for employees in the field of caring for the elderly and disabled people that the measure worked, and the employees showed conscientiousness and responsibility:

“The latest data shows that employees are again protecting the most vulnerable who are in their facilities.”

Domna Mihailidou told ERT how the percentage of vaccinated workers has changed after the introduction of compulsory vaccination:

On July 12, before the Prime Minister announced the mandatory vaccination of all employees of these structures, we had 62% of those vaccinated with at least the first dose. Yesterday Friday, at the end of the first week after employees were given the opportunity to file complaints about a confirmed medical condition, such as an allergy or heart disease, that prevented them from getting vaccinated, the rate appeared to have increased from 62% to 85 %. This is a measure that has paid off and showed that employees are again focusing on protecting the most vulnerable in institutions, and therefore from 62% of all employees in mid-July to today we have reached 85%. In the public sector, we have seen a doubling in the number of employees who are currently vaccinated with at least the first dose.

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