Words of support to compatriots of Afghan women living in Greece

Afghan women living in Greece support their compatriots: “We do not want to go back twenty years.”

They produced a video, with the help of the Greek Refugee Forum’s advocacy team, with voices of support for those who are going through difficult times after the arrival of the Taliban. Zahra Mujahid, Mahdia Hosayni, Nasrin Sultani, Zahra Gardi and Fatima Jafari assure their compatriots:

We will support you to continue your journey until we all reach peace together.

One of the women notes with bitterness:

I am a woman. Yes, they have plans for me. I am the woman the Taliban are expecting to marry. I am a woman who will no longer be allowed to study, work, or even leave the place that I should call “home.” I am the one who, if I raise my voice, will be silenced. If I start to fight for my rights, I will be beheaded, this is a fact. Yes, I am the same woman who does not want her life to return to the situation that existed twenty years ago. Someone hear.

Zahra Mujahid says:

“Imagine a 12-year-old girl looking forward to school and the joy she brings, but is forced to marry the man the Taliban want.”

And Mahdia Hosaini warns:

“The Taliban want women to be speechless slaves, domesticated, quiet and obedient. Women who rebelled against Taliban law will be executed. ”

Nasrin Sultani continues:

Think about your homeland, not about having a voice and place in it. Imagine that you have a homeland and the whole world is in ruins. We have experienced this lack of life for generations. Get your hands off our neck. Enough of this suffocation.

In a conversation with the Athens News Agency, Zahra Gardi emphatically reminds:

“We all gave our lives for this freedom. Our fathers and mothers fought to ensure that their daughters and granddaughters became doctors, teachers, athletes and journalists. We women have equal rights! We won’t let this fight end there! We will continue to be strong. “

The video posted on the Greek Refugee Forum’s advocacy group page (selfadvocacy.gr) was filmed by Zahra Mujahid (camera by Javad Jafari), English text by Fotini Kalpakioti, Greek translation by Yorgas Stephanopoulos.

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