Mandatory vaccination: “The law will be implemented”

Deputy Minister of Health Vasilis Kontosamanis left no reason to postpone – neither official nor informal – in terms of introducing the suspension of the powers of medical workers who will not be vaccinated.

Mr Kontosamanis announced twelve days before the deadline that the law would be implemented with regard to hospital staff, primary health care facilities, EKAB and EODY.

As the minister said, “the whole society is grateful to you. We value the care for our health and the results we already have in the fight against the pandemic. We hope that a small percentage of unvaccinated healthcare workers will be vaccinated by the due date. For those who are not vaccinated, I want to make it clear and unambiguous that the law will apply. The Greek Parliament has passed legislation in this regard (…) and it is self-evident that the state has a duty to apply the relevant law. The state has a duty to protect all of its members, especially the most vulnerable. The situation, as it develops in this pandemic, does not allow for any ambiguous attitude, no half-truths, no exceptions. “

Pathology professor Charalambos Gogos also asked health workers to be vaccinated. He pointed out: “As a doctor who has worked in hospitals for 40 years and has been involved in all three waves of the pandemic, I want to encourage healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses and others to get vaccinated. Of course, I congratulate them, because 90% of them have already been vaccinated, but the remaining 10% will have to be vaccinated, because otherwise our hospitals will be difficult to work. In this way, healthcare professionals will prove that vaccination is a matter of conscience. ”

As noted, the procedure for the implementation of a measure to suspend the work of unvaccinated personnel in centers for the care of the elderly and the disabled is in full swing.

The applications of those who asked for an exemption from the compulsory vaccination measure for health reasons have reached the competent committees of the health districts, which are due to consider them by 23 August.

Those who do not fall into the categories for which an exemption from vaccination is allowed, as determined by the ministry’s decision released last Friday, will be immediately suspended until they decide to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Those who were not vaccinated and did not apply for an exemption from vaccination have already begun to be fired from their jobs. The decision of the municipality of Volos is to remove 19 unvaccinated employees of the public charity enterprise of the municipality, and the day before yesterday the municipality of Drama announced the suspension of the work of KAPI in the city, since none of the employees (four people) were vaccinated and, therefore, were suspended from their duties.

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