Greece: Should we wait for the dismissal of the unvaccinated?

Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis warned about the possibility of dismissing the unvaccinated due to the spread of the Delta mutation.

Speaking on the ANT1 TV channel, he said that a very difficult winter awaits us and, therefore, when fears about the development of a pandemic begin to grow in September, layoffs will begin for those who have not been vaccinated, not only in the public, but also in the private sector.

He added that the government wants the vaccinated never to be quarantined for any reason and not subject to restrictions, while only vaccinated people who have been vaccinated will be allowed to enter restricted areas in the restaurant and elsewhere. or have been ill. The minister stressed that the only way to get out of this nightmare is to get vaccinated.

Problems of the constitutionality of compulsory vaccination

Answering the question about compulsory vaccination, Mr. Georgiadis spoke about an extremely difficult decision, which is also related to constitutional problems, and therefore the government cannot make such a decision at the moment, but as he assured, there is already progress in solving this problem.

On the same issue, that is, the dismissal of unvaccinated workers in the private sector, Labor Minister Kostis Hatzidakis spoke up, stressing that suspension from work is envisaged until health and social welfare workers are vaccinated.

The minister added that competent units have already begun to suspend the work of unvaccinated employees from August 16. Among other things, he stated that by August 12, about 75% of medical and social workers have been vaccinated in the relevant health care structures and that this percentage is growing.

Mr. Hatzidakis noted that there is a possibility of some exceptions, which are strictly defined by law based on the licenses of the health committees.

Regarding the possibility of extending the obligation to vaccinate to other categories of workers, he explained that the adopted law, which is valid for several days, provides that this obligation can be extended to other employees by decision of the Minister of Health.

He noted that we do not know how the situation will develop, and that if it is deemed necessary on the basis of epidemiological data, the necessary measures will be taken.

When asked whether this means the abolition of the constitutional rights of citizens, the minister did not answer, however, as they say, such a question was not asked …

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