Greece: "Do not wash, so skate" – restrictions for the unvaccinated

The countdown has begun for the introduction of decisions on measures against coronavirus, which will enter into force in the fall, while the ban on the entry of unvaccinated people into closed areas of restaurants and entertainment establishments has already been implemented.

This means that restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, cinemas, theaters and stadiums will only accept vaccinated individuals indoors. In practice, this means that those who have not been vaccinated will find it difficult to have fun with the onset of winter.

This particular limitation is seen as a particularly strong incentive to vaccinate humans.

However, authorities say there are currently no plans to ban unvaccinated people from entering stores.

Significantly, the introduction of the mandatory wearing of masks in the open air is being considered again. This decision was reversed on June 23 and even drew some criticism. However, it has not been canceled, since it is physically impossible to wear masks in extreme heat. And they understood this even at the very top.

However, with temperatures expected to drop in mid-September, there is a possibility that the authorities could return to mandatory outdoor mask wearing.

The restrictions will also apply to all levels of education.

University teachers will have to be vaccinated or they will have to take two laboratory tests a week at their own expense, which today will cost them from 160 to 480 euros per month (the price of a laboratory test in Greece is 20-60 euros for 1 laboratory test).

University students will only be allowed to attend classes if they are vaccinated or have a negative test result, the difference is that students will be given the test free of charge by the state.

The corresponding rules will apply to schools as well. Teachers will only be admitted to class if they are vaccinated, otherwise they will have to undergo laboratory tests twice a week at their own expense. Teachers are already grumbling, because for their salaries 160-480 euros per month, this is an unbearable burden.

Students over 12 years old will also need to be tested, unless of course they have been vaccinated. For them, it is enough to undergo a self-test, and not a laboratory test, which will also be provided by the state free of charge.

Similar rules will apply to workplaces in both the public and private sectors. Those who decide not to receive the vaccine will have to undergo laboratory tests twice a week at their own expense, which will become an unbearable financial burden for a large number of workers.

As already explained in the government, there will be no dismissals of unvaccinated employees, but “if you don’t wash them like this, the authorities will force anti-vaccinators and those who doubt to be vaccinated. And apparently, the current restrictions are just the beginning …

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