Antique bas-reliefs depicting an episode of the Greco-Persian war found in Turkey

A unique stone bas-relief depicting a scene from the period of the Persian-Greek wars in the 5th century BC, was discovered during archaeological excavations in the area of ​​the city of Bandirma in northwestern Turkey.

The antique bas-relief depicts Greek warriors fighting with the Persians on horseback. In this case, the Greeks are below, next to the legs of the horses. Scientists say this is a propaganda image, similar to those often used during wars.

First, archaeologists working in the west of the province of Balikesir discovered a section of the Phrygian wall, about 40 meters long, which dates back to the 8th century BC. But then even more amazing discoveries followed – stone bas-reliefs that adorned the walls of the ancient Daskileon.

Professor Kaan Irene, head of the archaeological site, believes the unique finds shed light on the history of Daskileon. The first settlers, according to the researchers, were the Phrygians. They settled there and began construction around 700 BC. Subsequently, Daskileon became home to many civilizations of Anatolia at various times.

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