Afghanistan: UN reports Taliban threats

The UN report says that the Taliban is stepping up in search of people who worked for the previous government or NATO forces.

The Taliban are systematically making rounds of homes in search of persons of interest, threatening relatives, the report says. While assuring the Afghans earlier that “there will be no revenge,” the Islamist group nevertheless systematically follows its policies and principles. The UN expresses concern that they have changed little compared to the brutal 1990s.

The same point of view is shared by specialists from the Norwegian Center for Global Analysis RHIPTO. Christian Nellemann of the group tells the BBC that the Taliban are targeting “collaborators”:

“Currently, the Taliban are pursuing a large number of individuals and the threat is clear. In writing, if they do not surrender, the Taliban will arrest and harass, interrogate and punish family members on behalf of these people. ”

He warns that everyone on the Taliban’s blacklist is in grave danger and that mass executions are possible.

Most foreign countries hastily evacuate their citizens and embassies. The Pentagon has sent 1,000 more troops to Afghanistan, thus increasing the temporary US contingent to 6,000. A NATO spokesman said on Friday that more than 18,000 people have already been evacuated from the Kabul airport in the past 5 days.

Approximately 6,000 people, including former translators of foreign aircraft, are on standby to take off on Friday. Evacuation efforts are to be doubled over the weekend, the official said.

The Taliban currently control thousands of US-made armored personnel carriers, 30-40 aircraft and a large number of small arms, US officials told Reuters.

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