Spanish city gave up bullfighting

In the Spanish city of Gijon, the traditional bullfight was canceled due to … “politically incorrect” nicknames of the bulls.

In the last bullfight held in Gijón, two bulls were killed – a Nigerian and a Feminist. The mayor of the city, Anu Gonzalez, called such nicknames incorrect and did not find a better solution than to cancel events significant for residents and guests of the city altogether. The controversial verdict of the head of the city was reported yesterday by Europe Press.

Moreover, the city council pointed out to the organizers of the bullfighting about the inadmissible crossing of the “red lines” and announced the termination of funding for the Begonia bullfight, which usually took place from 13 to 15 August.

Anu Gonzalez noted the establishment of a system of equality in Gijón, which ensures the comfortable integration of people of all nationalities. Therefore, animals should not be used to “form an ideology that is contrary to human rights.” However, the opposition People’s Party was quick to declare that the mayor was “making a laughing stock of himself.” A collection of signatures has been announced against the abolition of bullfighting.

Breeders argue that, in accordance with the established rules, fighting animals are given maternal nicknames, and there is no “social or political context” in this. The bulls that caused the scandal that broke out came from cows with the nicknames Feminist and Nigerian.

Bullfighting is a traditional Spanish show, which is a bullfight with a bull. After the end of the event, the animals are usually killed. In addition, spectacular races with bulls are regularly organized in Spain. Eight years ago, in 2013, the Spanish Senate passed legislation recognizing the art of bullfighting as a cultural asset of the country.

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