It’s not my fault: 14-year-old arsonist withdrew from testimony

According to the latest information, a 14-year-old who admitted to arson yesterday, said that “it is not his fault.” The teenager has been assigned a psychological examination.

Accompanied by parents and staff from the Investigation Department of the Lamia Prosecutor’s Office and Lamia’s Security Sub-Directorate, the 14-year-old accused of arson fires that erupted from 5 to 17 August in the district of Theologos, Phthiotides were delivered at noon on Thursday (19 August) shortly after 12:15 p.m. the prosecutor.

Giving testimony before the prosecutor, the teenager, he did not admit his involvement in the outbreak of fires.

However, the charges against him are criminal, and the teenager was placed in a bullpen, and his case was sent to an investigator.

At the same time, the prosecutor of the Lamia court of first instance ordered a psychiatric examination of the child at the Agia Olga hospital. The procedure foresees his transfer to the Athens hospital, accompanied by a social worker, as he is a minor.

In addition, his lawyer Konstantinos Zekendes asked for a delay so that he would have time to study the indictment and prepare to defend his client. As he stated in LamiaReport, the memorandum with the accusations will be presented before noon Friday, despite the fact that until 5:00 pm ‘the case was not in his hands.

Watch the video in which the Ombudsman told LamiaReport what he thinks about the case.

How we reported earlier, Mayor of the Locri community in Phthiotida, Thanasis Zekentes, spoke about the arrested minor who allegedly confessed to 9 arson. According to the teenager, he likes fire and smoke.

Locri Mayor Mr Thanassis Zekentes spoke on Open TV about the 14-year-old arsonist who is believed to be responsible for 9 of the 13 fires that have recently occurred in Theologos Phthiotida district. According to the head of the community, after the arrest, the boy told the firefighters that he set fire to it because he liked to see the flames and smoke.

14-year-old set fire to forest because he wanted to see fire and smoke

Posted by Russian Athens – Russian Athens on Thursday, August 19, 2021

It is noted that the identity of the young arsonist was calculated using CCTV cameras. As shown on the cameras, the teenager uses matches to set fires. The young man is now accused of at least 9 fires that occurred from 5 to 17 August. As the mayor noted, the minor was sent to the Lamia prosecutor’s office, where he was charged with criminal arson. There are also his parents, who are also charged.

The official stressed that the fires, which the teenager is most likely to blame, have created big problems in the area: a large amount of property has been destroyed. To eliminate them, hundreds of firefighters, volunteers, and military personnel acted over the course of several days. The family’s lawyers say their child did not set anything on fire.

According to lamiareport, Lamia’s fire and police investigators took 12 days to collect evidence at the site of 13 fires that occurred during the above period. They evaluated eyewitness testimony and surveillance footage in the area in order to trace the underage arsonist.

The teen’s crime reportedly began on Thursday, August 5, with four fires in the vast area of ​​Theologos, while the heat was 44 degrees.

A large fire followed on Friday August 6, which burned 23 houses, vehicles, hundreds of acres of forest and farmland. He threatened human lives on the day that the fire department set the 5th level of danger, the maximum category.

The latest fire blamed on the teenager broke out on the afternoon of Tuesday 17 August in Profitis Ilias. He is also accused of the fires that occurred on August 8, 12, 13 and 15.

As we assumed earlier, despite the good version, the case is likely to fall apart. The data from the psychiatric examination will probably show that the boy has spoken to himself and the case will fall apart. Data from video cameras, other evidence, apparently, is not so clear that it would be possible to prove 100% of the guilt of a teenager. And as I wrote, the real perpetrators of arson will remain in the shadows, as usual.

However, what does not happen in this world …

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