Euros: Fence completed – exclusive footage

The Greek authorities are urgently completing the construction of a fence on the Greek-Turkish border. According to sources in the Ministry of Citizens’ Protection, the fence being built in Evros is nearing completion.

The 27-kilometer fence project is virtually complete and will be officially completed soon. As you can see in the exclusive footage provided by the Open TV channel, the fence (at least at the filming location) is completely ready. In the video showing the fence near the Castania checkpoint, a high metal fence is clearly visible.

The project is defensive in nature, it consists of a solid metal profile with a square section, 5 meters high. The upper part of the fence (1.25 m.) Is made of sheet metal with anti-lifting function and barbed wire protrusions. The fence rests on piles, laid at a depth of 6 meters, from digging and erosion. As the authors of the project assure, without the use of heavy equipment, this fence is difficult to break (as the migrants did in March 2020 with the old fence).

Euros: Fence Completed – Exclusive Footage

Euros: Fence Completed – Exclusive Footage

Posted by Russian Athens – Russian Athens on Thursday, August 19, 2021 In the previous video from the Open channel, taken about 2 months ago, you can see how the latest cameras that Greece has for electronic border surveillance are working, as well as the Turkish outpost opposite and its own camera. Border in Evros is on high alert

As we reported earlier, the Greek authorities fear new wave of immigration… An increase in the number of patrols, army and police is reported.

Minister of National Defense Nikos Panayotopoulos, Minister of Civil Protection Michalis Chrysochoidis and Chief of the General Staff of the Greek Armed Forces, General Konstantinos Floros, are expected to arrive in Evros on Friday. The visit takes place in the context of preventing a new wave of immigration.

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