Uncontrolled fire, tensions between police and residents of Viliya

Vasilis Kokkalis, deputy head of the regional department of civil protection, tells about the tragic situation with the fire in Viliya: “Now it just burns.”

As the Deputy Governor of Attica for Civil Protection tells ERT, the ongoing fire in Viliya is out of control:

“The fire has found a very dense forest that we cannot approach, and it is burning. The situation is out of control. This is a front with a very large perimeter, where there is no access from the ground, and it cannot be blocked even by air perimeters in general. There is the phenomenon of water droplets, and it is like throwing a pebble into a lake, because it simply creates a “ripple” of the flame from right to left. It is shipped around the perimeter, and we have a serious problem. “

The official noted that the church camps at Meletaki Mandra had been burned. To extinguish the fire from the air, helicopters and Russian aircraft

The nightly revival of the flame endangered the lives of the firefighters, who, fortunately, were not harmed:

“We hope to help the situation with the help of aviation until the ground forces find a way to approach the fire. Therefore, roads are now being built so that firefighters can approach. Severe winds are not expected today, which means that the cycle of fires will simply increase. It would be better if the breeze was blowing in one direction so that it can be limited in one direction and can be extinguished. Now it just burns. “

Meanwhile, tensions are growing between the residents of the region, who do not want to leave and abandon their property, and the police. People are outraged that the extinguishing has been suspended. Law enforcers admonish:

“Go away, please. You are blocking. There is an order from above. “

One of the residents said:

The forestry department is to blame for the entire fire here. They never cut pine. Even the snake does not pass. How many times have we gone for permits that no one is cutting back. Once you cut a pine tree, you will be thrown in jail for a year.

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