December 9, 2023

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Nine-year-old Alice could not enter the budget at Moscow State University

A young Muscovite who successfully passed the Unified State Exam for graduates of Russian schools at the age of 8 was planning to become a student at Moscow State University. However, it was not possible to enter the budgetary department.

Our publication already wrote about this girl, then she was only planning her next step on the path of education after early receipt of a certificate… As tells TASS, 9-year-old Alisa Teplyakova entered the psychology department of the Moscow State University. Lomonosov. But in the enrollment orders posted on the website of the central admissions office of the university, the girl’s name is not indicated. At the same time, admission to the university takes place this year in one wave, so Alice definitely did not manage to get on the budget. As it turned out, the girl was able to score only 48 points out of 100, according to the data on the website of the Faculty of Psychology.

In July, Viktor Sadovnichy, the rector of Moscow State University, reported that Alisa took part in the admissions campaign, having passed an additional entrance test. At the same time, Sadovnichy was not interested in how many points Alice scored for the DWI and whether the girl would be able to enter. The press service of the faculty previously reported:

“The Faculty of Psychology of Moscow State University is open to everyone who wants to connect their lives with psychological science, practice and the provision of qualified psychological assistance to citizens. <...> Alice is no exception for us. We will gladly provide an opportunity to study psychology in case of successful passing of the entrance examinations. the requirement is the same for everyone, and we wish Alice well. “

It’s a shame that Alice managed to get only 48 points for the entrance test in biology. However, there is hope for admission. The press service of Moscow State University told TASS correspondents:

“Applicants who have not passed the competition for the main recruitment at Moscow State University have the opportunity to conclude an agreement for extra-budgetary education by the end of August.”

Earlier it was reported that Muscovite Alisa Teplyakova successfully passed the exam in Russian language, mathematics, biology and computer science at the age of 8, having received a certificate at the Moscow school number 626. She received her 9th grade graduation document at the age of seven. Alice’s interests are in psychology, ecology and bioinformatics.

Evgeny Teplyakov, the girl’s father, Evgeny Teplyakov, said that the family had not yet seen the results of the admissions campaign. But he is ready to provide his daughter with training on a contract form, if she did not manage to go to the budget department:

We have not seen the lists, there are many of them. But even if we are not on the list for the budget, we will go to the agreement anyway.

The Teplyakov family has seven children. One of the daughters is the youngest schoolgirl in Russia, and his seven-year-old son Heimdall has already received his 9th grade certificate. According to the father, about 5 hours a day are devoted to home education in the family:

Firstly, it is less than at school, secondly, there is no need to go somewhere, and thirdly, the process can stop at any time, there is no concept of a “call for a teacher”. And nobody canceled school bullying.

Teplyakov does not consider his children to be geniuses. And they do not get bored during their studies: on the contrary, “they, rather, do not have enough time to be alone with themselves.” The father is convinced that it is impossible to deprive a child of childhood if, for example, the concept of a triangle is explained to him.

The father of many children complained about the existing laws. If, for example, a child is 6.5 years old, then in a Russian school he will be advised to come later. And at the same time, a six-year-old child, on the contrary, will be willingly accepted into the first grade.

Our family has the opposite approach – we are convinced that these are normal results if children are developed, and this does not deprive them of their childhood.

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