Women victims of violence

Recently, the SOS 15900 hotline has registered an increase in the number of complaints about cases of gender and domestic violence. At the same time, the number of women who are forced to leave their families in order not to endanger their lives and to be placed in special safe places is constantly growing.

According to available data, in the first half of 2021, more than 4 thousand calls were received on the SOS 15900 line, of which 2869 were related to incidents of violence. More than 50 female victims who survived tragic moments during quarantine in their own homes needed to be urgently transported with their children to emergency areas. Before they were admitted to specialized hostels, they were accommodated in locations offered by the Greek Chamber of Hotels (Ξενοδοχειακό Επιμελητήριο Ελλάδος, ΞΕΕ).

During the first quarantine, the Hotel Chamber accepted 23 women with 20 children, and during the second quarantine (from November 2020 to mid-May 2021), it offered free accommodation and meals to 33 women with 29 children. It is noted that Smile of a Child offered free examinations to children, and the Greek Society of Forensic Medicine (Ελληνική Ιατροδικαστική Εταιρεία, ΕΙΕ) offered examinations (recording of beatings) to victims of violence.

Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, in charge of demographic policy and family, Maria Siregela met with the President of the Hotel Chamber of Greece Alexandros Vasilikos and the President of the Greek Society of Forensic Medicine Grigoris Leon. She thanked them for helping women victims of violence. “Both ΞΕΕ and ΕΙΕ were on the side of the abused women who had to leave the scene of violence immediately to avoid being in danger,” said Ms. Siregela.

“The state is close to all victims of violence, and there is not a single woman who would turn to the 15900 line and not receive the required assistance,” said Ms Siregela.

For his part, President ΞΕΕ Alexandros Vasilikos said: “Much attention has been paid to each complex problem, and considerable efforts have been thrown into its solution. Hospitality and solidarity are integral to the hospitality industry. Our help is part of a larger collective effort to combat domestic violence and eliminate the unacceptable phenomenon that is a black mark for our culture. ”

NHRF President Grigoris Leon stressed: “It is especially important that in unprecedented circumstances the state has created a shield for victims of domestic violence, trusting also scientists. The intention of medical experts with the appropriate training and experience to certify physical and sexual abuse is to continue the good collaboration that was created during the quarantine period. So that we, for our part, continue to provide substantial support to such important social initiatives. “

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