The nurse faked the test o "transferred covid"so as not to get vaccinated

A nurse presented a false positive self-test at Venizelio Hospital in Heraklion, where she works to get a certificate of illness and avoid being vaccinated against the coronavirus.

However, her work colleagues noticed that “false information” was submitted, according to the local website The incident was revealed by the head of the 7th division of the Ministry of Health of Crete on Radio Crete, who also announced that the nurse could lose her job. Ms. Lena Burbudaki added that the leadership of the Ministry of Health was informed about the outrageous incident. The review is expected to be completed by the end of the week.

It should be noted that health workers must be vaccinated before August 31, otherwise they will be suspended from work from September 1.

Ms Borbudaki, referring to the planning to strengthen the public health system, which is under unbearable pressure, noted that rural health workers and doctors of health centers in Heraklion prefecture, for example, Kastelli Hospital, will be temporarily transferred to the Venizelio intensive care unit to strengthen the ranks. medical personnel.

The specialist also noted that the main problem at the moment is that most of the medical staff are now on vacation. However, she added that, if necessary, actions will be taken to strengthen health structures.

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