Forgot? Twelve Ukrainian servicemen remain in Kabul at the US base

The Americans have been evacuated from the military base in Kabul, but they seem to have forgotten about the Ukrainians, Georgians, Romanians and Bulgarians. The media reported about 40 soldiers stationed there, citing the words of the sister of one of them.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba reportedthat the Ukrainian aircraft evacuated from the country the citizens of Ukraine, Croatia, Belarus, Afghanistan and subjects of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. They are safe. Andriy Demchenko, press secretary of the state border service of Ukraine, clarified that most of the evacuees were citizens of Afghanistan, some asked Ukraine to grant them refugee status. Oleg Nikolenko, spokesman for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, said that the country’s embassies in Tajikistan and Pakistan are preparing a list of citizens who have expressed a desire to evacuate from Afghanistan. 90 Ukrainians of Afghan origin addressed the diplomats. TV channel 24 reports:

“At the American base in Kabul, there are 12 Ukrainian soldiers … The guys did not know anything about the night evacuation of the Ukrainian plane. Nobody contacted them. All Americans have already been evacuated from the base. Now there are more than 40 men, including Georgians, Romanians and Bulgarians. Nobody takes them either. “

The sister of one of the servicemen says that the Taliban have already come to the base to the Ukrainians. Taking their weapons, they warned them not to “rock the boat, otherwise everything will be different.” She said that at present the Ukrainians are at the base, they do not go anywhere, they have food. The woman managed to contact the Ukrainian embassy in Tajikistan, which collects information about the military and asks for copies of passports. Nobody gives any guarantees, but they say that they will try to evacuate the Ukrainians.

On Sunday, the media reported that all border crossings were taken under the control of the rebels. On Monday night, Mohammad Naim, an official with the Taliban’s political office, announced the end of the war in Afghanistan.

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