I decided to secretly get to Greece by plane

A pigeon from the United States secretly entered the plane and was not about to leave, the crew said. Accordingly, in order not to delay the flight, we decided to fly to Greece with an “illegal”.

“We opened the doors to chase the pigeon out, but we never saw it fly out. We are flying to Greece with a bird, ”said the flight attendant of the plane. Apparently, the pigeon decided, without bothering himself, on a plane, a clerk to spend a vacation in Greece. Thus, a bird from New Jersey (USA) came to our country.

The video, posted by the flight attendant on TikTok, shows a “stray pigeon” in the cabin of the plane, which refused to leave the airliner. The crew of the plane tried in vain to expel the pigeon, to the extent that the flight was delayed by more than an hour. In the end, the pigeon “disappeared somewhere,” but no one noticed how it flies out of the plane.

“We’re flying to Greece with a bird,” the flight attendant said in a video that quickly went viral.

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