July 19, 2024

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Greece: death of fully vaccinated coronavirus patient

For the first time in Greece, a fully vaccinated patient without major illnesses has died from COVID-19. This is reported to the OPEN TV channel by Nikos Karavelos, director of the second intensive care unit of the Papanikolaou hospital in Thessaloniki:

In my ward, we have the first death of a fully vaccinated patient. He had no underlying medical conditions. This is one of the exceptions. The first death of 13 thousand. The unvaccinated are in great danger. But we must not deify the vaccinated; they must also be careful.

Karavelos noted that the protection the vaccine provides is critical and that this death of a fully vaccinated patient is an exception. He called the critical situation created by the Delta strain, which “changed all the data.” The doctor stated:

We are talking about a new pandemic.

Karavelos said concerns about the worsening situation after tourists return home are on the rise. Every day over the last period in Greece, more than 3 thousand infected with COVID-19 are detected. As of August 15, 13,233 people died from him.
More than 11 million vaccinations have been given. 5.8 million people received one dose, 5.5 million people are fully vaccinated.

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