Scandal due to the death of a Kiev woman after the Moderna vaccination

A resident of the Ukrainian capital received a Moderna vaccination at the Kiev hospital №4. 5 days after vaccination, a 50-year-old woman died. Verdict – no connection was found between the vaccine and death.

Vasily Zhivoteniuk, vaccination coordinator in Kiev, said that no connection was found between the injection from the coronavirus and the death. This is the first death in Ukraine after the introduction of the Moderna vaccine, a scandal erupted in the country. Strana journalists managed to find out the details from the head of the National Medical Chamber, Sergei Kravchenko.

On August 1, the Ukrainian woman returned home after a vacation in Turkey. The requirement of the legislation to be tested after arrival was not yet in force (it came into force on August 5), so the Kiev woman did not do the test. 5 days after arrival, on August 5, the woman received the first vaccination against coronavirus with the drug Moderna.

Already on the very first day after the vaccination, the woman felt the symptoms of covid, according to Kravchenko. According to Vasily Zhivotenyuk, the vaccination coordinator in Kiev, the manifestations of the coronavirus appeared on August 6, that is, the next day: fever, general weakness, pain in the arm. The last manifestation, most likely, was explained by the injection.

Further – more, and on the ninth the woman was hospitalized in serious condition, with fever. The coronavirus test came back positive. The saturation level is critical, 40% at a rate of 95%. After oxygen, the indicator slightly increased, up to 70%, but this was too little. The patient’s condition continued to deteriorate, and on August 10 she died.

Zhivotnyuk said that the woman was obese (grade 2) and diabetic. And she fell ill with coronavirus, judging by the analyzes, at least two weeks ago, that is, on July 28, and this happened back in Turkey. It turns out that the woman came to the vaccination sick, and was ill for at least a week. So what happened, said Voytenyuk, can be called an accident. The official also drew attention to the fact that about a million residents of the capital have already been vaccinated with the first dose of Moderna:

“If some trouble happens to them within 30 days after vaccination, will we all say that they die from vaccination?”

Meanwhile, doctors from hospital No. 4, said Kravchenko, after the publication of “Strana” was summoned to the Kyiv City State Administration on the carpet. But first of all, it was not the causes of death that were found out, but the “sources” of the information that got into the media. But the head of the National Medical Chamber had serious questions about the conclusions of the commission, which studied the causes of the death of a woman: why the autopsy was not carried out, how the vaccine is used in the absence of a certificate, why is there no epidemiological investigation of persons in contact with the deceased for coronavirus?

To which Zivotenyuk retorts that the husband and son of the deceased woman were vaccinated from the same bottle with Moderna:

“Only 15 people, including their family. All are safe and sound. Two of them had local reactions: pulling a hand, a short-term temperature in the first days. And that’s all. We called these people, everyone is healthy. If the poison was from one bottle, then there would be some consequences for everyone. “

The death of a Kiev woman raises many questions and prompts a number of conclusions:

1. The Moderna vaccine, the first dose of which has already been inoculated for a million people, is not even registered in Ukraine. According to the Ministry of Health, negotiations are just underway. The agency refers to the WHO, which approved the drug.

2. Everybody is vaccinated in Ukraine. Doctors learn about the state of health and the presence of chronic diseases only from the words of the people who came for the vaccination. At the same time, before the vaccination, citizens tick the boxes: “I did not get sick”, “I feel good.” That is, officials are guaranteed to relieve themselves of all responsibility for the development of events.

It is interesting that, according to the testimony of doctors, in many citizens, vaccination and covid disease are synchronized in time. Coincidence? But doctors say that many people with coronavirus are begging for a vaccine. Following this logic, patients with mild symptoms can go for vaccinations, deliberately hiding the covid. It is quite possible that this happened to the deceased woman – after all, she was sick for 7 days!

Experts say that if a person has a coronavirus and is vaccinated, it will definitely not benefit. And it is quite capable of worsening the condition. Do doctors warn about this? Do vaccinees know that prolonged fever after vaccination is abnormal? Unfortunately, as one would expect, the doctor does not discuss the above with everyone who comes for the vaccination, journalists say.

3. The conclusions of the commission testify that the deceased woman received the vaccine when she was already sick. And in this case, the disease could be detected if there were relevant regulations and provided for by Ukrainian legislation. All you need is to do a test before vaccination, which allows you to determine the presence of the disease.

Every death for an unnatural cause in most cases involves the punishment of the culprit. In a situation with vaccines – the manufacturer, the keeper, vaccinating or the doctor who simply did not warn the patient that vaccination is contraindicated with his disease. Probably it is for this reason that we will not see the diagnosis of “vaccinated” in the column “cause of death” for a long time.

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