After 40 arrests, the criminal continued to commit thefts and robberies.

The 28-year-old robber managed to steal a mobile phone even in a police station on pl. Omonia. A report on how the authorities managed to suppress the incredible illegal actions of the dodger.

The robber was reportedly arrested more than 40 (!) Times. The last time he managed to “cheat” even the police who caught him, he, like a gentleman, slipped out of the police station to calmly continue to commit thefts and robberies.

Within 24 hours, as the police chased him, the offender took possession of the citizen’s motorcycle, stabbed him in the neck, and then attacked the Syrian, taking his phone away. In the end, the dangerous robber was found in the center of Athens by the police, who handcuffed him.

Course of events

The incredible story of a robber, presented by, began to unfold at 13:00 on August 10. The police took the detainee in the center of Athens to the police station at pl. Omonia for verification and identification, but he manages to slip out of the hands of the law enforcement officers.

A young man from Piraeus, who has been arrested more than 40 times for robbery and theft, lives alone. Under the pretext of getting a job, he infiltrates offices and “gets his hands on everything that is bad.”

At 6 am on August 11, at the intersection of Karolu and Nikiforou Streets, he approaches a 42-year-old citizen who was riding a motorcycle, and stabbing him in the neck, grabs his mobile phone and masterfully takes off his smartwatch. Throwing the owner off the motorcycle, he takes possession of the stolen vehicle and instantly disappears from sight.

But this was not the end of his criminal actions. At 18:20 at the church of Agios Konstantinos, he approaches a 27-year-old Syrian citizen and “snatches” his mobile phone from his hands. At 9 am the robber is found on Piraeus Street by a police officer. The hijacker and robber are eventually arrested. Later, the stolen motorcycle left by him was found at the intersection of Vilar and Nikiforou streets.

The offender was taken to the police station on pl. Omonia, and now he is unlikely to be able to go unpunished.

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