"Letters of happiness" from tax to forgetful citizens

With personal messages in the Taxis system, as well as notices sent by e-mail, the Greek tax authority AADE will inform those who have not filed their tax return properly after 2015.

Taxis is gaining access to increasingly complete databases to identify undeclared income. And this is much easier than a few years ago. As stipulated in the relevant decision of the AADE Manager, the Tax Estimates Act is issued for income arising from data from:

a) electronic files of certificates of income or pensions, income from entrepreneurial activities and income from dividends, interest, rights for the 2015 tax year and subsequent years;
b) available data on other incomes and objective living expenses or the acquisition of assets, which are sent annually by banks, DEKO (electricity, water, etc.), tuition fees in private schools, etc .;
c) an electronic database that is available in the AADE and may relate to the implementation of a professional or business activity, as well as data obtained in the context of the exchange of information on the implementation of international administrative cooperation in the field of direct taxation. (eg Swiss deposits);
d) in general, any available information from third parties received by the tax administration, which serves the need to compare the declared income, withholding taxes or expenses.

The estimated tax does not include fines, but interest is charged on late payment (0.73% per month), calculated from the day when the tax must be paid in the usual way, for example, from July 2016, the “forgetful” taxpayer is obliged to pay the due tax within 30 days from the date of receipt of the notification.

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