December 10, 2023

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Young migrants: how they live in the world, where they aspired

Kent County is located in the south of Great Britain, where migrant children learn to live in a new way, away from family and home. They came here alone, without parents, by sea and land, fleeing the wars in Afghanistan, Syria and other countries. At a young age, life showed them something that children should not see …

By Bridget Chapman, Refugee action network:

“It often happens that children are forced to fight. We have guys from Afghanistan. When they turned 14, the Taliban wanted to recruit them. Families are doing everything possible to keep children from this, to take them to a safe place. I am amazed at their ability They seem cheerful, cheerful. But there are times when we chat and they open up. Children saw how their parents were shot. Their companions were drowning before their eyes. It left a huge imprint. “

The volunteers of the center teach children various skills that they will need in an independent life: building relationships with others, planning expenses, preparing food and keeping the house clean. Afghan refugee Hadi, 21, arrived 5 years ago. He says:

“We are not going to other countries for entertainment. Nobody would risk so much for fun. Everyone knows what is going on with us. My family is in Afghanistan. But I do not know where my relatives are. Having arrived here, I lost contact with them. I I try to enjoy life, work hard and not remember the past. But it is impossible to forget. It will remain in my memory forever. “

Statistics say: 10% of refugees sailing across the English Channel are unaccompanied children. Euronews correspondent Tyge Enright says:

“At the stage of consideration of the application for refugee status, they are taken away from the center. Alas, the tests do not end there. Activists complain that only a few are provided with suitable housing. Many are accommodated in closed and redesigned hotels.”

The windows of the rooms overlook the sea, and vigilant security patrols the territory. Activists demand from the government a solution to an urgent problem; children should not live surrounded by guards. Human for Rights Founder Maddie Harris says:

“We have been documenting what is happening here for over a year now. The guards at the center are generally not well trained, or have very little experience working with vulnerable people.”

In response to calls, the British authorities are promising to find suitable accommodation for the underage residents of the coastal hotels. And human rights activists are in a hurry – after all, these children should have at least a little bit of bright memories of childhood …

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