Fears ahead of the celebration "Assumption of the Virgin"

Calls from experts to comply with protective measures against coronavirus on holidays do not stop, as well as admonitions for those returning from the islands and villages.

The course of the pandemic in the country is also a cause for concern, as the epidemiological burden in Greece is showing a relative increase with a moving average of 2,942 cases, while a further upward trend has been observed over the past two days. The positivity index is 3.3%, with significant fluctuations, since in areas with an increased epidemiological load it is much higher.

As a reminder, yesterday EODY announced 3,605 new cases and 20 deaths, and the number of intubated increased to 240, raising additional concerns about the sustainability of the healthcare system in the near future. The Delta mutation is expected to prevail. Charalambos Gogos, professor of pathology at the University of Patras School of Medicine and member of the expert committee, noted yesterday at a pandemic briefing that the prevalence of the Delta mutation has reached 79.1%, while it is projected to rise to 90%.

According to the cited data, in twenty days the number of hospitalized people has almost doubled. Bed places in wards are occupied by 40%, and in intensive care units by 51%.

Concern about the situation on the islands
The second problem that worries the authorities and experts is the epidemiological picture observed on some islands. Even before August 15, the number of coronavirus cases increased.

In particular, the number of new cases of covid exceeded 500 recorded yesterday, as, despite restrictive measures, high prevalence rates continue to be recorded in Chania and Heraklion. Yesterday, 278 new cases were announced in the central sector of Athens, while 158 were reported in Chania, Crete.

In Rhodes, 118 cases have been reported, in Evia up to 88 cases. In addition, 42 cases were reported yesterday in Naxos, 30 in Paros and 23 in Mykonos. Regions on the epidemiological map such as Crete, the Ionian Islands, the Dodecanese and the Cyclades are highlighted in “dark red”. The “yellow” regions (with medium tension) are Thessaly, Thrace and East Macedonia.

Compliance Statement from Mitsotakis and Experts
In this context, Mr. Gogos pointed out “the need for constant adherence to personal protective measures and correct, frequent use of the mask by all people: not only indoors, but also in open areas where there are a large number of people (for example, in narrow alleys on the islands) …

“Currently, the pandemic is still a disease of young people, as the average age of cases remains low – about 29 years, and 56% of cases are people under 34 years of age. However, transmission of the virus to the elderly is also gradually occurring, especially in areas with low vaccination coverage. And I emphasize this. The transmission of disease from children to adult family members is an important problem.

In the near future, the presence of the virus in educational institutions will become a possible problem. Therefore, our young people who have fun on vacation, how logical it is, in the end, I urge you to observe protective measures as best as possible, and especially to take a coronavirus test, both on vacation and, mainly, returning from vacation (especially when you have even the slightest symptoms and when there are people around you who may be vulnerable), ”Mitsotakis said.

The Prime Minister at a press conference convened on the fires yesterday, at the end of his speech, said: “We will not go into a new quarantine.” And he made a personal request to all young people who are returning from vacation: “Take the test after returning and not come into contact with your parents and grandparents during the week, especially if they are not vaccinated. Please pay close attention to my words. “.

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