June 10, 2023

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Animal shelter receives more aid than expected

In an abandoned quarry in Athens, volunteers are helping hundreds of animals displaced or injured in wildfires that engulfed suburbs north of the capital last week.

As the flames spread through the forests and green residential areas on the outskirts of the city, thousands of people were ordered to leave their homes, and many were left without their pets, leaving them to fend for themselves.

“We urge everyone who rescued animals from the fire-affected areas to bring them here,” announced Eleni Dede, founder of the Dogs’ Voice rescue group, which created the shelter in a matter of hours. The site currently hosts over 200 animals – domestic and homeless – from all over Attica, the broader region that includes Athens and the surrounding area.

“There are animals with minor burns and respiratory problems, emaciated, and we are trying our best,” she said, adding that animals with more severe burns were taken to a veterinary hospital.

Last week in Greece, during the intense heat wave, more than 500 wildfires broke out. In parts of the country, including in the vicinity of Athens, entire areas were devastated by fire, bringing death and suffering to many wild and domestic animals.

So far, the shelter has received more aid than its organizers expected. They hope to reunite the animals with their owners or find new homes for them soon.

“The information support was fantastic. We have more people than we can handle, ”said Petros Ziogas, a Dogs’ Voice volunteer. “Our main goal is to stay here without animals,” he said.

More information about the activities of the organization on the website dogsvoice.gr

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