A new fire breaks out on the island of Evia

A new fire broke out on Friday afternoon on the Greek island of Evia. To the south of the area, where a huge wildfire destroyed forests earlier, houses were set on fire and is still smoldering, even 10 days after it started.

The Greek Fire Service said four firefighting aircraft and six helicopters, as well as 23 firefighters and 10 vehicles, were dispatched to fight a new fire in central Evia.

Big firewhich broke out on August 3, destroyed much of the north of the island and became one of the most famous wildfires in the history of Greece. Although wildfires are frequent in the country during hot and dry summers, hundreds of wildfires have flared up this year due to a particularly prolonged and intense heat wave. Law enforcers believe that arson was the cause in at least a few cases.

Several Mediterranean countries have been hit by intense heat waves and rapidly spreading wildfires in recent weeks, including Turkey, which killed at least eight people, and Italy. In Algeria, wildfires in the mountainous Berber region have killed at least 69 people.

Increasing drought and heat waves linked to climate change have also triggered wildfires this summer.

Fires in Greece have limited the country’s ability to extinguish fires as much as possible, and the government has asked for help from abroad. Aid was sent by about 24 countries Europe and the Middle East, including firefighters, aircraft and cars.

Friday firefighters from Romania, Of Ukraine, Serbia, Slovakia, Poland and Moldova treated the smoldering remnants of the main fire in Evia, which turned into ash 50,900 hectares of Greece’s second largest island.

Two more major fires continue to rage in the Peloponnese, where hundreds of French, German, Austrian and Czech firefighters have been helping their Greek counterparts.

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