Decreased growth in women is a danger sign

Scientists from Denmark and Sweden argue that women whose height decreases during middle age are at increased risk of early death.

The conclusions are based on the results of the study, which are published in the BMJ Open. Its authors note that at the turn of 50 years, many women begin to lose their growth, the acceleration of this process is noted after 70 years. Factors causing the abnormality are called posture curvature, compression fractures of the spine and flattening of its discs. However, new research suggests that decreased height is also indicative of cardiovascular problems that can lead to early death.

The participants in the study of scientists from the universities of Gothenburg and Copenhagen were 2,406 women, whose year of birth varied in the range of 1908-1952. The first time their height was measured at the age of 30-60 years, the second – after 10-13 years. The average decrease in height was 0.8 cm.But some women did not lose a single centimeter, while the growth of others decreased to 14 cm.

After the second measurement, the researchers followed the participants for 17-19 years. During this period, 625 women died, 157 of them from diseases of the cardiovascular system, including 37 from stroke. As shown by the processing of the study results, the loss of just one centimeter of height increases the risk of early death by 21% in women from Denmark and by 14% in Swedes. If the height decreased by 2 cm, then these indicators increased rapidly – up to 80% and 74%, respectively. And on average, scientists say, a significant decrease in height by almost 2 times increases the risk of premature death from stroke and cardiovascular diseases.

The authors of the disappointing study urged all women to closely monitor their growth indicators in order to timely determine the development and exacerbation of cardiovascular diseases, and seek help from a specialist. If the change in growth is associated with spinal problems, you should not postpone the visit to an osteopath …

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