Action or foresight: transforming the vaccinated into zombies

The reaction of the creators of the American feature film “I Am Legend”, in which vaccinated people turned into “living dead”, gave its own response to public criticism.

Released in 2007, the film unfolds in an unsuccessful attempt to genetically modify measles to fight cancer, killing 99% of the world’s population. The few who survive the infection turn into mutated zombies.

The action starring Will Smith was harshly condemned on social media by opponents of the conspiracy theory, but was vehemently supported by anti-vaccinators, agreeing that, as in the film, in fact, vaccinated people risk turning into zombies.

It sounds too incredible to even be a topic of discussion. Recently, however, a theory has been circulating on social media that, like in the movie I Am Legend, vaccinated people have become “living dead” – citizens are at a similar risk by being vaccinated against the coronavirus. Anti-virus insists: “The tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it …”.

The discussion about the connection between the fantasy film and reality was initially commented on by TIME magazine reporter Vera Bergengruen, stating that it was just “speculation” overgrown with rumors. She cited an article in NyTimes that clarified the concerns of some about vaccinations:

“The writer said that he was extremely upset and depressed when he saw such a harsh reaction to his own work. because the action of the film is just a fantasy plot on the theme of “The End of the World”, in a series of many similar ones released in Hollywood. People who oppose vaccination spread a similar claim on social media (that the vaccine turns people into zombies), based on the film. But the epidemic that turned people into zombies in the film came from a genetically reprogrammed virus, not from a vaccine. “

The “crazy” theory that seems to find ears ready to listen
In her post, the American journalist noted: “What is striking about this joke is that this is not the observation of some crazy person, but more like a topic widespread on the Internet. Under the “theory” taken from the film, there are tens of thousands of comments that seem to be serious. “

An incredible conspiracy theory prevalent in Greece has been completely refuted by Mosialos.


Eikiva Goldsman is a screenwriter who has written the screenplays for major Hollywood hits, including Wonderful Man, Batman and Robin, and Cinderella Man. He appeared as a screenwriter and producer for a film starring Will Smith of I Am Legend (Ζωντανός θρύλος), which aired in theaters in 2007.

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