WHO denies increased danger of Iota strain

The World Health Organization has evaluated the iota coronavirus strain. The specialists of the organization do not believe that this option poses a serious danger.

The information was presented at a briefing by WHO expert Maria van Kerkhove, quoted by TASS:

“This option is mainly present in the US. We now have information on 27 thousand cases, and, according to our data, the number of cases is decreasing.”

According to the expert, at this stage, the organization does not believe that this strain is more dangerous. So far, experts say, Delta is superior in danger to Iota.

An incorrect interpretation of the results appeared in some media this morning. researchby the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Scientists in the publication reported that mortality in a disease caused by the “iota” variant can increase in the older age group by 82% (that is, 1.8 times). However, some reported that the lethality due to the new strain increased to 82%.

It was first discovered in November last year in New York, dominating there until March 2021, which did not prevent it from quickly spreading throughout the country. With the advent of the more contagious Alpha strain, its spread has declined. To date, the Iota variant has been found in 27 countries. In March, the WHO added Iota to the list of “strains of interest”.

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