3 miracles happened on fires in Greece

During the large-scale and destructive forest fires that have continued in Greece over the past days, miraculous events have occurred, which are now being spoken about by the entire Orthodox Greek Internet. The details of what happened were told in his blog on YouTube by Priest Georgy Maksimov.

He cited two cases that occurred in different parts of Greece on 7 August.

The first is on Lake Marathon in northeastern Attica. There, on the territory of a huge burnt-out forest, they discovered a piece of land completely untouched by fire – the place where the Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity stands. A Greek priest who came there stated: “Everything is burnt, and even the leaves around the church are unburned. The fact that it is impossible here is only a miracle. The temple is not damaged, there is not even a spot. “

The second incident occurred on the island of Euboea, and it is called the miracle of St. John the Russian. Fires raged there for a long time, people were evacuated. Hundreds of firefighters tried to stop the fire, local residents actively helped them, but the situation continued to worsen. Fires approached the village of Prokopion, where there was a temple with the relics of St. John.

As the rector of the temple in Prokopion, Fr. Nikolay, they received an order to evacuate the settlement. There was little time, women with children did not have time, and the men took up chainsaws – as far as their strength and capabilities allowed, they began to create a fire safety belt. At that moment, the Metropolitan of Chalcis called the priest and said: “I ask you, my child, I know that it will be difficult to take the relics of the saint with his reliquary during the hours set for evacuation. I ask you: take out at least a small icon, make a small religious procession in Prokopion with prayer. “

“We all immediately left the chainsaws, went to the church, took a large miraculous icon of Saint Righteous John, a particle of holy relics from the altar, and from 9 pm began a procession with prayers around the settlement of Prokopion. At 10:15 pm we finished and the whole evening and night was excruciating as we were all awake and waiting. We were told that the fire was approaching the village, at about 3 am the police patrol began to announce the evacuation again. The last inhabitants began to leave.

Ο Άγιος Ιωάννης ο Ρώσσος έκανε το θαύμα του … Βρέχει ΤΩΡΑ στο Προκόπι … (Video απο Νίκος Αποστόλου)

Posted by Ιστιαία Αιδηψός Live on Friday, August 6, 2021

And now, lo and behold, an hour later a cloud covered Procopion. It was still night, and we thought it was smoke from the conflagration. However, it began to rain, and not just rain, but a downpour, and just such and as much as was enough to saturate the surroundings of the village with moisture. It was a great miracle, we all cried, took to the streets, praised God and St. John the Russian. It is a miracle, there has been no rain here for over a month, and not a single forecast spoke of rain, ”said the rector of the temple in Prokopion.

Priest Georgiy Maksimov noted that in these difficult times the Lord does not leave the Orthodox Greeks without special manifestations of his care and explained that he brought these two events as “a reminder that, despite our modern Orthodox, to put it mildly, imperfections, the Lord does not leave us, God is near, and may the name of the Lord be blessed. “

We would like to add another case to the story of Priest George Maksimov, with the monastery of the Monk David of Euboea on the island of Euboea, which miraculously survived the fire. The fire had already approached the monastery, but retreated at the last moment.

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