Was there enough air to extinguish the fires

Aviation expert Faidon Karaiosifidis commented on the issue of aircraft and the conditions in which they can perform their work.

“There is no big picture at the site of the fire, not a single plane or helicopter is flying over the fire,” Mr. Karaiosifidis said speaking on SKAI in response to residents’ protests who complained about the lack of air forces on the fire fronts.

“At very high temperatures, they can take off, but they cannot carry enough water, or in other cases, their engine may overheat,” said the specialist.

Regarding the readiness of the state machinery, he stated the following: “Of course, when the season of fires started this year, we had one of the largest fleets of air vehicles ever in Greece, we are also talking about the contribution of the military.”

However, the problem lies elsewhere, as he explained: “The fleet was as accessible as possible, but planning was done to deal with 2 large fires and several smaller ones, not 5 simultaneous mega-fires.”

Referring to the data, the expert said: “In Greece we have 7 new amphibious aircraft and 11 more old ones (which are 40 and 50 years old).”

Regarding the possibility of acquiring additional aircraft, Mr. Karaiosifidis noted that it is not easy. “The fleet is annually replenished with rented aircraft. But it is impossible to buy 30 planes next year and get them right away. This is not a supermarket, we will have them in 10 years, ”said the aviation specialist.

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