Another victim dies at the hands of a man in Greece

Another murder in a series of other terrible cases when women died at the hands of their partners, spouses, friends, roommates, ex-husbands happened in Crete, in Rethymno.

This is already the 8th murder since early 2021… The funeral of a 47-year-old woman was held yesterday afternoon when she was shot with a carbine by a man who was chasing her.

Seeing off mother of two, Stavrulu Siragopoulou, family and friends for the last time bid farewell to a murder victim in Crete. It happened on Sunday afternoon in Panormo, Rethymno.

According to, the 47-year-old woman has complained to the police that a 49-year-old man has been stalking her over the past year, and the authorities suspect that personal differences have armed the perpetrator into this gruesome act.

The perpetrator and victim have known each other since childhood.

They both knew each other from a young age and their shops were close by. According to the victim’s sister, they had disagreements over their outlets. For this reason, last year they stopped communicating, holding a grudge against each other. “They had no connection (love), no, that’s a lie! My sister was married, ”said the victim’s sister.

Course of events
The perpetrator, as recorded in the video obtained at the disposal of the Greek police, stood at the entrance and, having talked for a few seconds with the woman, shot her. In a state of panic, the victim tried to defend herself and hide inside the store, but in vain: after the perpetrator shot her again, she fell dead. As a result of the shots, a tourist who was in the victim’s store was also slightly injured.

After some time, the man was found seriously wounded in his sheepfold, and, as it became known, after his monstrous act, he tried to commit suicide. As a result, he is now undergoing treatment in critical condition in the intensive care unit of the Venizelio Hospital.

He was initially taken to a hospital in Rethymno, where doctors, having stabilized his condition, felt it necessary to transport him to Heraklion hospital for a new operation, which, according to, lasted many hours.

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