The poisonous cloud from the fires will persist for a month

This morning at the Mega Society Hour show, board member of the Piraeus Medical Association, Barbara Anemodura, spoke about the consequences of the fires and the measures that need to be taken to preserve her health.

What should you pay special attention to? First of all, Ms Anemodura noted that the cloud filled with harmful substances will burden us with its health effects for a month. She stated:

“Both in the fire zone and many kilometers away, it is better not to go outside unnecessarily, except when necessary, for people with health problems: suffering from cardiorespiratory syndrome, asthmatics, allergy sufferers, pregnant women, young children … Those who have to walk should wear masks such as KH95. Your coworkers should also wear a mask. The particles we breathe in are causing problems. The health burden is already beginning to manifest. Most people wheeze, cough and have a dry throat. Others have dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. All this poisonous cloud will burden us for more than a month. Trees were burned, as well as materials such as paints, structures, plastics. “

Mrs. Anemodura spoke about what needs to be done to preserve her health and get rid of the already received consequences of inhaling dangerous particles:

“Vulnerable groups should consult with their doctor to change the dose of medication. Inside the house, near windows and doors, put damp rags so that ash does not fall. Parents need to protect young children. They should stay indoors and, if necessary, go outside with a mask, double, but not cloth. “

The doctor talked about the various problems that can be observed from inhaling polluted air:

“Irritation of eyes and respiratory tract, cough. If such symptoms are observed, direct exposure to this air must be stopped. Let’s have a refreshing drink, and if we see that the problems persist, then we need to consult a doctor – maybe treatment is needed. People working on fires expose their bodies to dangerous situations. This is why many firefighters have health problems. Whether a problem arises depends on the organism. He can react immediately or within 1-2 months. “

In conclusion, Ms Anemodura said: “Residents of the burned-out areas should be careful for at least a month. But this dangerous cloud has spread for many miles. “

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