Shock and Awe in Evia: Drone Footage Shows the Scale of Destruction

For the 7th consecutive day, the flames in northern Evia are engulfing forests, wildlife, villages, houses, farmland and animals, forcing thousands of frightened people to flee. According to various estimates, more than 150 thousand hectares have been burned down since the start of the fire a week ago.

In collaboration with the National Observatory of Athens, the Up Stories team documented the extent of the damage and released shocking footage of what was once one of the most beautiful landscapes in Greece on Monday.

The accompanying text The Up Stories notes:

The images of the biblical catastrophe in Northern Evia from above cause shock and awe. Vast areas of virgin forest were literally reduced to ash, and hundreds of houses were burned down.

An innumerable catastrophe that will literally be written in black letters in the history of our country.

For “unknown” reasons, the state did not pay due attention to the fire, when it began on August 3 in the Limni region in Central Evia, did not send air means to fight the flames in the mountains, as a result – absolute destruction.

Note that throughout the week the wind blew from 2 to 4 on the Beaufort scale from time to time, which is not a problem when fighting fires. It would seem that putting out the fire was not so difficult, it was just necessary to send firefighters there with equipment. But this was not done, all efforts were thrown into extinguishing the fire in the suburbs of Athens.

As a result, where it was possible to get by with the loss of tens of hectares of forest from a fire, in reality tens of thousands of hectares of forests and rural land were lost. Hundreds of houses were burned down, thousands of people were left homeless and without means of livelihood.

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