Heartbreaking photos: understanding life

Photos from the fire in Evia, taken against the oppressive background of a fire blazing on the horizon, clouds of smoke and local residents, depicted on their faces with despair and agony, fly around the Internet, becoming the chronicle of a monstrous disaster.

Some of the photos are really shocking. This is not one or two, but many photographs of grief and despair.

The distorted faces of people, with gazes full of agony, watching with incredible suffering as the flame devours their home …, mourning when the authorities call to leave the village (in order to save), creep to the depths of the soul.

This is one of many photographs from the Evia fire site. Its author is Konstantinos Tsakalidis (photo series taken for Sooc).

On it we see a local resident of the village of Gouves, who screams in despair, obviously seeing the approach of a catastrophe, and with despair looks into the heavens, as if with a prayer to the Almighty.

Photo of Georgios Mutafis: a little girl with a bottle of water in her hand outside the window of a family car leaving the fire zone, staring in horror at the flames. Despair and panic are reflected in her eyes.

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Marina Stevi from The New York Times wrote a commentary on the photo: “This is a dialogue between the image of an elderly woman who has lived long enough and witnessed a new (terrible) stage in life on the planet, and a baby whose life is still ahead, but already marked by such catastrophic events caused by climate change “.

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