Certificate of complete incapacity

The indignation of the inhabitants of North Evia, who are now fighting in the forests and mountains to save their villages, is fully justified. Ignoring the persuasion of the authorities, they refused to leave their homes.

The rage of these people is directly proportional to the catastrophe that erupted in the northern part of the island. The outrage that gripped the country reflects the feeling that the state and rulers have left Evia to fend for itself. Satellite maps from NASA confirm all of the above and fully justify the reaction of local residents.

The Earth observation satellite service for observing fires on our planet recorded in detail the evolution of fires in Northern Evia from the first day to August 8.

See maps showing the evolution of the fire in Northern Evia from 3 to 8 August. How a small fire managed to uncontrollably burn the northwestern part of the island:

August 3rd

4 august

5th of August

6 august

August 7

8 August

With the help of 6 satellite images taken during the fiery five days, all the zones of destruction from the fires are perfectly visible, as well as the gradual, continuous and almost unhindered spread of fire. From small outbreaks on August 3 to an all-out catastrophe on August 8 after the fire spread throughout the northwest of the island, maps show August 5, 6 and 7.

In short, NASA from space shows step by step the weakness, incompetence and inability of the authorities to act in a critical situation. If from the very beginning of the fire (map dated August 3), the authorities had responded with the help of the observation-warning-immediate intervention of civil protection and the fire service, then now we would not be talking about either a “biblical” or an environmental disaster.

Obviously, neither the mechanism, nor the competent services, nor the physical and political leaders of state institutions, met the requirements of these critical first moments. It is also quite natural that in such cases we will hear a lot of reasoned explanations, excuses and incredible verbal acrobatic tricks that experienced politicians and responsible persons are able to masterfully perform. None of them, even for formal reasons, hastened to submit their resignation. Why would he do that at all? The government is his, the ruling party is his, the country is his (as he thinks), the state is his property, and Greece is his absolute fiefdom.

However, it is the lack of reflexes at this first moment that demonstrates the magnitude of the incredible incompetence of government and executive leaders along the entire chain of hierarchy. From the very top to the last local boss.

A fire in the capital’s elite underbelly, which jeopardized the image of the government and the prime minister, left Evia to her fate. The fire spread unhindered to the north of the island and entered a recession phase only when it consumed most of the flammable forest resources. The fire stops when there is nothing else to burn.

The time for responsibility is approaching. To date, a record 260,000 hectares have been burned in the country. This number applies only to the latest fires in Evia, Attica, Elijah, Laconia and Phocis. August is yet to come …

The rulers have spent the last twenty-four hours explaining. When and how fire planes can fly, how ground forces should act, how and why the mechanisms and those in charge are never to blame, but the weather, conditions, materials and, of course, God, everything … except themselves are always to blame.

It’s time to take responsibility. The ruling party, cynically, used the tragedy that befell Mati to win the elections. But after 3 years, they themselves fell into the same trap, forgetting that, in addition to promises, they need to do something themselves.

The political exploitation of tragedy, wherever it occurs, is not only a shameful phenomenon, it is also an extremely dangerous double-edged weapon that can hurt those who use it.

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