February 3, 2023

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Air Force Commander does not retire

Minister of National Defense Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos denied informationreported by the media about the resignation of the director of the Air Force.

“The armed forces have been, are and will be at the forefront of battles in every national challenge thanks to the tireless efforts of personnel who ensure the highest operational and operational adequacy of funds. “Therefore, we urge everyone in these critical hours to be careful not to refer, even with official statements, to invalid resignations,” he said characteristically.

“What is reported in the group of publications about the resignation of the commander of the air force of the troops does not correspond to reality,” the General Staff of the army stressed. The said senior officer remains in office, continuing to carry out his duties as usual, as he has done so far, the corresponding message says.

It is worth noting that this afternoon the opposition party SYRIZA circulated an announcement commenting on the resignation of Georgios Kumentakis from his position as Air Force Commander, which reads: “Just last Friday, Mr. , of which 32 helicopters, including the US Air Force Boeing CH-47 Chinook. The Army Air Force commander resigned today for reasons related to the use of Chinook helicopters to fight fires. Thus, Mr. Skerzos either knew that specific helicopters were not in working order (were not ready for operation) and deliberately lied to the Greek people, or he did not know and lied only to impress.

In both cases, this (…) is unacceptable! This explains the government’s refusal to answer daily questions from the SYRIZA Progressive Alliance about the exact number of aircraft in operation.

Apparently, the state failed to convince the citizens affected by the fire that they could not distinguish between airplanes and helicopters on the basis of “aviation characteristics” (λόγους αεροναυπηγικής), and now began to look for scapegoats, thereby only exacerbating the unprecedented catastrophe. “

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