Beriev Be-200: Russian giant having absorbed "small lake", covers the fire with it

They say about this aerial firefighting giant: “Giant from Russia”, “Russian giant”, “Russian beast”, and its appearance confirms this. The new effective weapon of the fire service is truly impressive.

The Be-200 has eight tanks, can carry 12 tons of water in 14 seconds and is the world’s only amphibious jet aircraft.

Beriev’s Be-200 aircraft is currently fighting fire in Varibobi. Designed for brigades with a crew of two, it has eight tanks and can pump 12 tons of water from the sea, even at wave heights of up to 1.2 meters. In addition to water, he sprays a special liquid that slows down the spread of fire. It can carry up to 64 people on board.

Two twin-turbocharged D-436TP engines with a maximum thrust of 15,000 kg propel an aircraft equipped with an auxiliary power unit (APU) of the TA12-60 type.

The Beriev-200 multiplane has proven its effectiveness in fighting fires in Russia, it is capable of carrying up to 12 tons of water and dumping a total of 270 tons with each refueling.

How is water taken
The aircraft descends to the surface of the water at the lowest possible speed. The pilot then opens the water intake mechanisms while the plane glides over the water surface at a speed of 150-190 km / h.
Water is pumped into the seaplane reservoirs by mechanisms that can pump about one ton per second.
When the tanks are full, water begins to drain through a special valve. The pilot sees the flow of water, closes the intake mechanisms and immediately returns to the place of extinguishing the fire.

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