More than 100 thousand hectares burned in Attica and Evia

The BEYOND Center of the National Observatory of Athens (EAA) has published an update on the assessment of burned areas in Varibobi and Evia, based on the VIIRS satellite imagery of the European Forest Fire Information System (FFIS) platform.

According to experts, the area burned out to date in the Attica region is 7,615 hectares, while in Evia it has reached 19,794 hectares (much less than the previous estimate of about 35,000 hectares). The initial estimate of the area of ​​the burnt site in Delphi municipality, according to VIIRS satellite imagery, is 1801 hectares.

EAA emphasizes that these figures are approximate, as the fires are still ongoing. The BEYOND team will be making a more detailed assessment of the burned-out area shortly after processing Sentinel’s high-resolution satellite imagery.

It is noted that through the forest fire information system platform, you can see comparative data from 2018 to the present, as well as data on the type of vegetation destroyed.

In particular, choosing Greece among the countries for which data is available, you can see that 45 thousand hectares were burned in 2018, 22 thousand hectares in 2019, and 33.8 thousand hectares in 2020.

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