The first victims of the fire of Attica

The first victim of the devastating fires in Atika was registered at the KAT hospital in the capital, where he was taken in critical condition after a serious head injury.

Meanwhile, the situation with the fire got out of control. The fire moves in three directions, practically uncontrollably spreading through the northern suburbs of Athens. The situation in the Afidnes region is catastrophic, and the Kryoneri and Hippocrates regions are engulfed in flames. There are not enough firefighters to put out the fire, although 83 French firefighters and more than 500 Greek firefighters are at the scene.

The biggest problem, besides the fire, is the thick smoke that has covered the sky over all of Attica, creating a very stifling atmosphere.

The biggest problem at the moment is on the front, which is on the side of Capandriti, as the fire crossed the highway several times at night, creating pockets that eventually turned into a united front.

In Kryoneri, the situation is again tricky due to new fires, while the flames are intensifying in the Afidnes area. Explosions of supposedly gas cylinders are regularly heard in places where fires are raging.

The situation is especially difficult in Kryoneri, where houses, cars and factories are on fire. The atmosphere is stifling and several residents have returned despite an evacuation order to protect their property.

Agios Stefanos, according to the fire department, is no longer in danger and the most dangerous areas are Kapandriti and Malakas.

Communication 112 for evacuation from the areas of Lake Marathon and Kaletsi, Attica

The 112 service sent a message to those who were in the area of ​​Lake Marathon and Kaletsi in Attica to evacuate to Grammatico.

The message says:

“If you are in the area of ​​Lake Marathon or Kaletsi, Attica, evacuate now to Grammatico. Wildfire in your area.”

Καίγεται σπίτια στις Αφίδνες

Posted by (official) on Friday, August 6, 2021

Areas of Kapandriti, Polydendri and Malakas are being evacuated

Several hours ago, the Civil Protection Service sent a new message by phone 112 about the evacuation of Kapandriti and Polidendri due to the size of the fire that crossed the National Road at Afidnes Hill and is heading for Kapandriti.

The message says: “If you are in Polydendri or Kapandriti, evacuate now to Barnava-Nea Makri from the provincial road Marathonos-Kapandriti.” At the same time, a message was sent from 112 about the evacuation of Malakas, as the fire raging in the area had reached extremely dangerous proportions.

Μάχη να μην περασει η φωτιά την Εθνικξή οδό

Posted by (official) on Friday, August 6, 2021

The message says: “If you are in Malakas or Sfendali settlement, evacuate to Oropos via Athens-Oropos Avenue.”

Εκρήξεις σε κτήριο στις Αφίδνες

Posted by (official) on Friday, August 6, 2021

Residents of the Ippokratio Politia area are going through hard times and have fled their homes. The blaze took place today in the settlement after a new revival that took place in the area. Currently, the police forces located in the area are divided by the latest residents and journalists covering this fact, as the flames approach in a threatening and uncontrollable way.

Σπίτι καίγεται στις Αφίδνες

Posted by (official) on Friday, August 6, 2021

Watch the broadcast from Afidnese.

Firefighters were unable to localize the fire, despite the fact that air and ground forces were operating in the area.

Meanwhile, the worsening weather expected during the day is a foe in the fire department’s efforts to save homes and put out the fire. Dozens of fronts of fire in the country make it difficult for firefighters, who have been working non-stop for the last 24 hours to reduce the scale of the disaster.

At the same time, a new fire broke out in Attica near Lake Beletsi.

A battle with fire in Afidnes

There is a new fire in Kryoneri. The winds blowing in the area make it difficult for the fire department to work. From Friday noon onwards, the wind will intensify as locals try to defend their homes.

The President of the Afidnes community, Mr. Andreas Theodorakopoulos, told the ERT that only one helicopter is operating in the area and is helping to extinguish the fire. “We need additional reinforcement,” he said of Afidnes, where houses were burned down.

An exhibition and sale of collectible cars was engulfed in fire, which was completely destroyed in Afidnes. Only the charred remains of dozens of rare cars, parked on the territory of the car dealership, remained, of which only charred walls remained.

Emergency Bulletin: Weather is getting worse, the risk of wildfires is very high

According to forecasts from the National Observatory of Athens /, a significant drop in temperature is expected today, with maximum temperatures of 38-41 degrees Celsius.

The maximum temperatures of the day will be in Crete. In the afternoon, thunderstorms are more likely in the northeast of the country.

At the same time, meteorologists predict a sharp increase in winds, and the risk of forest fires will remain very high. Based on the Canadian Pyrometeorological Index, which is quickly calculated by the National Observatory of Athens /, a very high risk is expected today for almost the entire country.

In Attica, a 5-6 Beaufort scale wind is expected during the day with strong gusts.

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– Civil Protection GR (@GSCP_GR) August 6, 2021

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