The authorities announced material support for victims of the fires in Attica

Greek authorities announced immediate financial aid for the victims of the fires in Attica in the amount of 600 to 6,000 euros for household items, as well as the allocation of subsidies for rent and exemption from property tax (ENFIA) for this year.

Information about this was announced today after a meeting of members of the government with the authorities of Attica. Special support measures will be used for other affected areas as well.

As noted by Foreign Minister Makis Voridis, measures are moving in the direction indicated by the Prime Minister, so that actions are “immediate and fully supportive” to the victims, aimed at immediately “healing the wounds” and ensuring the restoration of the destroyed natural environment.

He noted that in very difficult conditions there were no fatalities (the first death was registered on Friday afternoon. Editor’s note), and material damage was minimized as much as possible, and thanked the fire service and local authorities, as well as everyone who participated in extinguishing the fire.

In conclusion, he said that individual measures from the package will be competently presented by the relevant ministries.

The Foreign Ministry’s measures were drafted by Deputy Minister Stelios Petsas after he thanked everyone who helped put out the fire, even the volunteers and fellow citizens who sheltered those left without shelter, and by collecting the frightened animals trapped in the trap.

As for the measures, he stressed that they consist of two parts: they relate to financial support for victims in the form of social protection and living expenses, ranging from 600 to 6,000 euros for household items, which will be paid immediately after the registration of the damage by the municipal services. The three affected municipalities will also receive increased subsidies, while the aid funds allocated to them by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs amount to 90,000 in the municipality of Acharnes, 60,000 in the municipality of Kifissia and 30,000 in the municipality of Dionysus.

Mr. Petsas noted that “there will be coordination of all those involved in the state aid law introduced by the government in order to minimize the timing of aid allocation, which has nothing to do with the past.”

In the wake of the huge environmental blow to Attica, the Ministry of Environment and Energy Georgios Amiras stressed that the area will be designated as subject to immediate reforestation and no land-use changes will be allowed. Whereas where natural regeneration is difficult, these areas will be included in the national reforestation plan.

The Ministry of Infrastructure has already started filing damage with 50 employees, said Secretary General for Infrastructure Georgios Karayannis. At the first assessment, the owner will be given a subsidy of 20% of the damage, and then, after the assessment is completed, the subsidy can be increased to 70% of the damage.

As part of these measures and in view of the financial difficulties caused by the pandemic, it was decided on tax breaks such as exemption from ENFIA for this year, as announced by the Secretary General for Economic Policy Christos Triantopoulos. Those who have lost their home and cannot stay elsewhere will also receive a rental subsidy or other housing allowance.

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