The atmosphere in Athens: one hour outside is equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes

The raging fires in Attica generously fill the atmosphere with particles hazardous to health. Just one hour on the street is tantamount to smoking 10 cigarettes, the pulmonology professor warns, and gives recommendations.

Nikos Tsanakis, professor of pulmonology at the University of Crete, draws attention to the catastrophic deterioration of the atmosphere due to fires combined with heat. Speaking on SKAI TV this morning, he noted the “upheaval” phenomenon observed in Attica.

As Mr. Tsanakis explains, there is usually a temperature difference that moves the air upward from the earth’s surface, which dilutes the pollutants in its composition. Now, due to fires and heat, this is not observed. There is a kind of invisible canopy that does not allow harmful particles to rise up.

The professor draws attention to the danger of these tiny elements. One of them is getting particles deep into the lungs and causing irritation, leading to bronchitis and bronchial asthma. Especially elderly people suffer, as well as those with chronic problems and diseases of the cardiovascular system. But even in healthy people, after inhalation of air containing dangerous impurities, coughing and sputum production are observed.

Mr. Tsanakis calls for avoiding outdoor sports, work outside the home, unnecessary travel and be sure to use a mask. In this case, it is better to abandon tissue or surgical and give preference to the N95. The professor asks to stay at home if possible, tightly closing doors and windows. When asked about the efficiency of air conditioners, the expert replied that the equipment of the old type, which, moreover, does not have regular maintenance, is capable of passing the smallest particles that are hazardous to health.

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