June 10, 2023

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Tax Returns: Deadline Extended to September 10

According to the legislative regulation of the Ministry of Finance, the deadline for filing tax returns has been extended until September 10, and the payment of the first two monthly payments (July and August) of the due tax – until September 17.

The extension was considered necessary due to the prevailing special circumstances and also for the convenience of taxpayers, accountants and tax experts, given the impending charge problem tax for real estate ENFIA during September.

It is noted that in order to provide a 3% discount on the total amount of tax payable on a tax return, individuals must submit a tax return by August 27 and pay the tax in a lump sum by August 31.

“The government, fully aware of the needs and realities of society, intervenes when necessary to support and facilitate the fulfillment by citizens of their duty to the state,” Deputy Finance Minister Apostolos Vesiropoulos said in a statement.

The financial staff plans to pay income tax this year in eight monthly installments.

Thousands of workers who were suspended from work in 2020 are expected to report lower earnings, leaving them at risk of being taxed based on their imputed income rather than real income.

In addition, the possibility of full tax exemptions for those affected by the pandemic is being considered (for more information, contact your accountant).

Regarding the provision of electronic receipts, it turned out that thousands of taxpayers were unable to cover 30% of their income last year with plastic money, mainly due to reduced consumption and market closure.

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